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Recruiting Options

Recruiting Options offers two great benefits to potential employees, firstly, despite the fact you may be a “contract worker” to begin with, you will be managed, paid and engaged through the service deliverers.

Why does this matter?

The Labour Hire Model can create a disruptive organisation, people employed by organisations outside the chain of command. As we have seen, in the case of 7/11, it also opens the door for the unscrupulous to manipulate outcomes.

Instead, we offer our services to service providers at a pricepoint that enables them to takeover the relationship, from the start. We want to support candidates and organisations back into the employment model.

While a candidate may start with a small contract, the employer then can offer that person future and broader projects without the constraint of punitive terms from Recruiting Options. This enables the building of relationships and opportunities. In addition, the candidate is free to apply for other opportunities either through us or others to build their employment.

Basically, we are setting up a disruptor to the Labour Force Model, and while there are places for it (the Labour Force Model), we believe in the direct employment model forthe Care Industry and we believe it is the best way to fill long term employment opportunities.

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