It is funny how we see Leadership as a quality that is necessary for people who move into management, and while that is true, there are so many roles, in which, Leadership is essential, yet they may be roles where a person works by themselves or with just one other person.
There was a time when I was commissioned to resolve a major shortfall of suitable people in a major paint and resin manufacturer. Ironically, one of the best paid roles in the organisation had a really, poor retention rate. I used Psychometric Scaling of the team and identified the successful performers and the not so terrific, but satisfactory.
The key factor was an ability to “Lead”, yet these people typically worked alone, they had responsibility for millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and one mistake would mean a months downtime and a potential loss of $2 million. They needed to have a physical strength and fitness as well as a strong grasp of technology.
The fact was that “self-leadership” was the key element for anyone to be successful. Once we identified the key traits, we could go about bringing the “right” people. The result was staff turnover eliminated, the roles often joked about in the organisation became internally sort, a dramatic turnaround. As a consultancy, we became surplus to requirements, which truly should be a goal for recruiting organisations.
The Care Industry, likewise needs to be powered by the Right sort of people, they need to have some of those “Self-Leadership” qualities, along with a wide range of “humanity” skills and qualities. Recruiting Options look further than sticking pegs in holes, we work to be our clients’ partners, an external organisation that shares your vision and will to contribute to a better world.

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