The care industry has already slipped into the Gig Economy calibration. Problematically, this can mean that the “Inclusion” that we seek in enlightened workplaces is already on the back foot, or handicapped, because it is rather the carers who are disadvantaged.
How can we, as a society, expect to be “Inclusive” when the good people who choose to work caring for others, are actually disadvantaged because they “want to help”.
We can hold all the Royal Commissions we like but if we can’t even get our First Peoples recognised in their own country, how can we possibly expect to manage inclusive workplaces, inclusive services or indeed inclusive professionals in the workplaces.
With more than 10 years’ experience dealing with caring requirements for Aged Parents, I began to look at the space professionally. Naturally, the headlines created by people with their own problems figuring in the centre of tragedies, I believed there had to be a better way of screening carers and workers with vulnerable people.
In the past 10 months I established Recruiting Options, bearing in mind, the cost constraints of such programmes as NDIS, the business model has been set up under the pricing structure of HeadStart Recruitment, the first organisation I worked for in the 90s. It is a fairly priced, set fee, rather than the percentage model which functions in most recruitment organisations.
It is our goal to offer a range of included functions in the recruitment process that will reduce the risk of poor recruiting decisions which cost both the organisation and the community alike. We suggest, if you have recruiting challenges, at least make an appointment with us to discuss options, we are flexible, inclusive and have both hands on caring experience, leadership and recruiting experience in this field.

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